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Hercules Professional "Tab Grab" 7" - 12.1" Tablet Holder

Professional "Tab Grab" 7" - 12.1" Tablet Holder

  • Hercules Professional 'Tab Grab' 7" - 12.1" Tablet Holder

    • All in one professional tablet holder for home, studio and stage use.
    • Ball joint design allows 360 degree rotation
    • Applicable to all microphone stands and desks within the following dimensions: 15.8-30mm (0.62-1.18") round tube, 18-25.4mm (0.7-1") square tube, 10-25mm (0.39-0.98") thickness
    • Includes microphone stand clamp, smart adapter and suction cup for desktop use.
    • Quick and easy adjustment and set-up
    • No tools required.
  • A £6.00 standard Royal Mail postage will apply

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