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My Services

PETER CROWTHER CELLOS is proud to showcase a wide range of services. My work as a technician includes servicing of all stringed instruments from as little as tuning and check-over, to a full restoration, plus bow rehair.  I sell a wide range of cellos to suit all levels and also accessories for cellos, violins and violas.  I provide a cello hire service to accommodate students, new players wanting to try a cello before committing to buy and advanced players.  I also provide a piano tuning service within the Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire areas.

If you have any questions, please do give me a call and I will try to answer any queries you may have.

Tel: +441993709596 or Email:

Instrument Repairs, Restorations & Valuations

Repairs & Restoration

As a 'cello technician specialising in making, repairing and restoring of 'cellos with over 30 years experience, you can be assured of the highest levels of craftsmanship. My work as a technician includes all aspects of 'cello, violin & viola servicing, from as little as tuning and check-over, to a full restoration, plus bow re-hairs and repairs.

Instrument Valuations

Whether for insurance purposes or a re-sale value, I have the experience and knowledge to give an accurate valuation. I undertake a full inspection of the instrument and provide a written report, which can be used in selling the instrument on the private market, for insurance or for probate.


Cello Hire

Hire for beginners - Playing a cello for the first time whether as a child or an adult can be daunting and the instrument is critical to your first experience.  The wrong instrument could hinder the musicians progress, so I only hire quality instruments which are serviced and set up with quality strings and tailpieces. The whole set-up includes a bag, bow and rosin. 

Hire for students - I have a range of student cellos, Stentor II or equivalent, which are serviced and set up with quality strings and tailpieces.  The whole set up includes, a bag, bow and rosin.

Hire for Advanced player - I also stock a range of superior cellos dedicated to the advanced player.  These are serviced and set up with top quality strings and tailpieces and if required can include a superior bow as part of the package.  The whole set up comes with hard case, bow and rosin.

Minimum 3 months hire:

Beginners & Students - £50 deposit, £100 for 3 months hire*

Advanced - £250 deposit, £150 for 3 months hire*

*Prices may differ depending on value of cellos available for hire.

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Piano Tuning

I offer a full tuning service, from concert to domestic work. Alongside this I also specialise in regulating and voicing work. Proper regulation and voicing can improve the instruments' performance and tone, as well as prolong its life.

Your piano should be tuned regularly within a six to twelve month period, to keep it sounding at its best. This is not because they suddenly "go out of tune" at the six month mark but because they are gradually going out of tune all the time, and six to twelve months is about the point at which most people notice they sound "off".

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